"The End: Flights Of The Owl"

The End is a novel based on a short story The End, copyrighted in 2010. This is a trilogy of stories about a character named Albert, nicknamed the Owl. Each story examines a question. The first story, the End, examines the idea whether or not a person's life actually passes before them as they die. The second story, The Endgame, is when Albert the Owl enters heaven and faces Judgement day. It is here that Albert the Owl sees the the whole life just lived on earth and discovers what judgement is and who is the judge. Through this process, Albert identifies and initiates an act of redemption that might fix everything that went wrong in Albert's life on earth. The third book Endless, contains the result of Albert's act of redemption. The Book is available at Xlibris, Amazon.com, or Barnes & Noble.com
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